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The great British … what, exactly?

On a recent visit to Los Angeles I visited Marty’s Hamburger Stand and was treated by my host to a double cheeseburger and a chilli dog. The hamburger had just the right size bun to can you machine wash canada goose jacket act as a delivery system for two pattys of great beef cooked rare to order, and the toppings complemented rather than swamped the star ingredient. The hot dog sausage needed just the right amount of bite to break through the casing and was slathered in a dark, rich chilli with a welcome heat at the end. canada goose coat 1000 bulbs promo Both were perfect examples of the fact that fast food doesn’t have to be bad food.

Not a day has passed since my return where I have not craved either or both of these culinary treasures and I have been trying in vain to find places in London that can offer up close enough an approximation to stop my night time sweats and wailing cries of “more relish”. But it’s just not happening. For all the “gourmet” burger places in London and the relatively recent arrival of their can you wash a canada goose coat hot dog equivalents, what we are offered in the UK are awful pale reflections of the real thing, prepared with no understanding of what makes a truly great hamburger or hot dog. I have been presented with flaccid discs of greying meat, doughy buns and bizarre combinations; one place recently canada goose coat 1000 calorie offered me the chance to top my limp burger with, and I am not kidding, anchovies, radish and pineapple.

I have recently returned from a year travelling around the world eating and have been struck by just how hit-and-miss even simple dishes can be in this amazon canada goose jacket country. I am allergic to coffee, so a cup would empty my stomach quicker than being best replica canada goose jacket shown a picture of David van Day in a thong, but I am assured by those in the know that what’s available in this country is officially “disgusting” compared to just about everywhere else.

From my own experiences, while the standard of sushi is improving, even the best places we have to offer pale alongside neighbourhood joints in New York. A request for a decent steak is met buy canada goose coat uk with blank stares in all but a buying canada goose jacket online handful of restaurants, and don’t even get me started on how appalling our attempts at the humble but potentially wonderful sandwich are.

It’s not all dreadful, of course. There are some food areas where Britain still rules the world and in which even visitors find much to admire, including the American Alana at Girl Alive who is busy cataloguing her way through everything from Marmite to haggis with amusing results.

While I was on the road, I longed for few things more than a Melton Mowbray pork pie from Mrs King’s (and pie-lovers should read Matthew Fort’s post canada goose coat 1000 bulbs on this topic) a slab of Montgomery’s cheddar and a pint of real beer that was not cold outlet, gassy and entirely tasteless. No other country makes cakes, pies and puddings like we do and I can also state with considerable authority that nowhere on earth is capable buy canada goose jacket online cheap of making a proper cup of ‘builders’ tea’. Oh, and the custard cream is absolute proof of the existence of a loving God.

However, there still seem to be more items on the can’t side of the “do well” list than the other. Which dishes do you think we excel at in Britain, and why do we get so many things wrong?

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