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Sir Dave Richards hits back at Lord Triesman’s ‘bullying’ claims

Sir Dave Richards, the Premier Authentic Prada Outlet Uk League chairman, has denied claims that he used its financial power to bully the Football Association board and block reforms. The often controversial Richards said he spoke his mind because he is a Yorkshireman but said the claim by the former FA chairman Lord Triesman that he was “really aggressive” was a “futile accusation”.

“Bully the 12 people on the FA board? Absolutely not. What a futile accusation prada replica online,” said Richards, who has been chairman of the Premier League since 1999. “I am not a bully, [and neither] I nor the Premier League blocked any change at the FA. We would not block change because we want change. Authentic Prada Outlet Online Usa We are a progressive organisation and I was personally involved in changing the constitution of the FA back in 1996 to form a board capable of being progressive.”

Triesman had told a Commons select committee inquiry into football governance that representatives of the professional game had thrown out his suggestions for reform in “two minutes” and Authentic Prada Outlet Uk accused the Premier League of using its financial muscle to neutralise any perceived Authentic Prada Shoes Black Prada Bag Mission Impossible For Sale threat. But Richards said it was his job as a Premier League representative to Amazon Uk Prada Shoes stand up for its interests on Black Prada Bag With Gold Hardware the FA board.

“If the FA wants to run the professional game, the leagues and the Premier League, then, of course, we all have a problem because the Premier League won’t tolerate that kind of interference and we will fight our corner,” he told ESPN.

Asked about Richards using bullying tactics, Triesman Bicester Village London Prada told the culture, media and sport Black Leather Prada Milano Purse select committee: “My experience is he will put his point politely in board meetings, but discussions Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Shop Online outside are extremely aggressive discussions, really aggressive discussions, points are made in a very colourful way. I wouldn’t use that language.”

Richards responded: “I attend the FA board meetings about once a month, and I am one man’s opinion among a board of 12. But I am entitled to my opinion as a representative of the Premier League. For good or bad, I speak my mind, and being a Yorkshireman I might not be as eloquent at speaking as some, but I say it as I see it.”

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