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Ten years after her husband’s death

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cheap ray bans He never heard back, court documents said.Smith’s death certificate listed pulmonary congestion and emphysema as the cause of death and said the hospital “had dispensed medications contributing to cause of death.”In a 2014 order permitting Smith’s attorney to introduce evidence of spoliation at trial, Marion Circuit Judge Louis Rosenberg wrote that “the strongest evidence” that the pump might contain evidence of an overdose was the fact doctors gave Smith Narcan to reverse morphine’s effects.IU Health responded that this drug was routinely used in “full code” situations, but Rosenberg wrote that the hospital might have waited to destroy the pump’s data.Ten years after her husband’s death, Monica Smith said she is dealing with the loss of the man to whom she was married six years. A Little League coach in Bristol replica ray bans, east of Elkhart, Vincent Smith had six children of his own and helped raise Monica Smith’s children.”I feel like a veil is lifted over my head. I do feel better, but there’s looming doom of not having my best friend there on a daily basis,” said Smith, who lives in Mishawaka cheap ray bans.

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