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The Grinders – Way of the Lion

waylion-recto300Rumble with The Grinders!

The new release from the independent label Down The Bush Records falls into the ring!
True Soulcorner music, The way of the Lion is the lastest album from the producers U-Man & Chalice Cooper. Available Worldwide from the 25th Nov, 2016.
For this project the inevitable duo jump into the ring for some Real Kung Fu Masters action…
A new invitation into the great house of the Grinders .
A Guesthouse in which the listener is invited to visit each room. A universe filled with Reggae-Dub madness, characteristic of the team.
And like puncher lyrics, the team is complete :
Ranking Joe, Lady Ann, Carlton Livingston with Keith Leblanc at the drums, Squidly Cole & Tabby Diamond, U-Brown,
Stranjah Miller and Sister Sauti.
Without forgetting guest stars Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Michael Buffer, Haïlé Sélassie Ier and The Lion Of Judah.




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